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As of May 22nd, 2019 we would like to wish Dr. Barbara Hitchens a well deserved retirement. Dr Kelley Collins is the new owner of the East Goshen Veterinary Hospital, which is still privately owned. Dr Collins has also brought in a second veterinarian, Dr James Bianco, to continue to serve our clients and patients. Our staff remains the same, so don't worry, we still remember your furry family members and will help keep the transition as smooth as possible. There will be a few changes occurring within the practice but for now we will try and keep things as routine as they have been. We will be changing our evening appointments from Tuesdays and Thursdays to Mondays and Thursdays starting in June. If you have any questions feel free to give the office a call and stay tuned for any further informaiton.

Memorial Day is right around the corner, are you ready? We are ready for the unofficial start of summer and here are a few suggestions to make sure your pets enjoy the holiday.

As we all get out and about now that the weather is warming up let's talk about car safety. The safest way to transport your pet is in a carrier that is safely buckled into a seat belt. But we know that's not always an option (some dogs just howl and cry in a carrier, we know). Another option is to get a car harness and attach it to your pet and click it into a seat belt lock. (We recommend buying a strap to click into the lock and not not using the seat belt strap, if your dog chews it it's much harder to replace a seat belt!) If your dog likes to move alot try getting a comfy bed or blanket to put on one side of the back seat and then strap them in. Make their corner of the car seem like the best place to be for the trip.

It's spring and you want to get out and about with your canine family members, we understand! So here are a few ideas on where to bring your pooch. Start with a stroll in the park, East Goshen Township has a great park but if hiking is more your thing try the East Brandywine Park where they have several trail options. Then stop for a bite to eat, many restaurants in downtown West Chester allow pups to dine with you outside. Appetite's On Main in Exton also has outside seating along with a doggie menu! Finally stop for dessert, frozen yogurt is a great option (Sam recommends peanut butter flavor from Kiwi) or Rita's Water Ice offers pup treats as well.

A recent study found that dogs vaccinatied with a rabies vaccine versus dogs who were not given any vaccines at ll live longer lives! Researchers believe it is because vaccinations help boost a dog's immune system. One more reason we encourage owners to vaccinate!

You may have heard that cats love to hunt but did you know you can help them practice at home? Try hiding food or treats in different places to make them 'hunt for food.' Another great idea is to buy (or make your own) puzzle games to challenge them to get their food or treats. Mental stimulation can make an anxious cat calm down and tire out. Plus it can be quite entertaining to watch your cat try and figure it out!

Ever wonder why your cat may be pess food motivated then your dog? Turns out that cats have only about 500 taste buds while dogs have three times as many. Any us humans? Try 10,000!

Start your spring of with some canine fun! Now through April 20th we are running a raffle full of doggie goodies to support the Food Cupboard's pet food supply. Tickets are $1 and all proceeds goto buy pet food to donate Stop in to check out the basket and purchase a ticket.
Did you know the West Chester Food Cupboard helps serve the local families in West Chester with not just healthy food but also household items they may not otherwise be able to afford? As a veterinary office we try to do our part by donating dog and cat food each month to help feed their pets. Want to help too? Just drop off dry or canned dog or cat food at our office or donate to our West Chester Food Cupboard Jar and you're monetary donation will go directly to buying dog and cat food. Call or stop by for more information
The Food Cupboard sends their thanks to all of our clients who continually help out with their pet food donations.