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Kelley Collins, D.V.M.
James Bianco, V.M.D.

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New Client Information

If your are looking for a new veterinarian we are accepting new clients. Look below for some helpful information before your appointment.

Our registration form is available online (click the photo to view), fill it out ahead of time to save yourself some time. If you can't no worries, we'll have you fill it out when you come in. We ask that you come 10-15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time to fill out the form.

Whether you have a new furry family member or you're simply new to our practice we ask that you bring any pertinent records for your pet with you so we can get your pet in our computer system as well.

New Dog?

Doctor Hitchens spends extra time helping you start off your new relationship on the right paw, but we know it can be alot to remember so here are a few key things to remember in case you missed them.

  • Read Up - Good Owners, Great Dogs by Brian Kilcommons is a great read to learn the basics of owning a dog. And it's all in easy to understand terminology. Amazon is a great place to find a used copy.
    Have a puppy? My Smart Puppy is another great choice.

  • Stay Legal - a dog license is required for any dog over the age of 3 months. Find out how to get one, here.

  • Stay Chipper - microchipping your pet is a great idea. Should anything ever come between you and your pet a microchip may be the only thing to help reunite the two of you. Find out more from HomeAgain.

  • Don't Get Weighed Down - keeping your pet trim and in shape isn't just for their looks. Keeping their weight down improves their health. Obese animals can suffer from lethargy, arthritis, diabetes, and ACL tears. When you learn how many calories a day your pet should be on it's important to calculate in treats and other snacks into their daily allotment of food.
  • Diet Change - if you're switching foods remember to do so slowly, over the course of a week.
  • Day 1 & 2 - give 3/4 old food, 1/4 new food
    Day 3 & 4 - 1/2 old food and 1/2 new food
    Day 5 & 6 - 1/4 old food and 3/4 new food
    Day 7 - completely on new food