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Who's ready for spring? We sure are. Now is a good time to start thinking about a pet spring cleaning.

It's cold outside! Can you imagine walking around in your bare feet in this weather? Now imagine how your pet feels. Now we're not saying your pet needs to wear boots (although if they let you, by all means go ahead) but at least limit your dogs outside activity. Here's a handy little chart to show just what temperatures you should prepare for.

We didn't want to say anything too soon but we can't help outselves. We will soon be offering a new exciting perk for our clients. We are working on giving you instant rebates on products like Heartgard and Nexgard! That means those rebates come right off your bill no waiting for a debit card in the mail. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we get everything worked out.

Does your dog love peanut butter? Has Dr Hitchens told you your pet needs a diet? Well here's an idea if you want to make your pet a slightly healthier treat. Look for a peanut flour that has been partially defatted, you can mix it with a little water to make a paste. Mix your paste with some soaked dog food, put it in a Kong toy and freeze. The next day your pup can have a specially peanut buttery treat with fewer calories.

Did you know Nexgard is a small chewable flea and tick preventative and was recently given FDA approval for preventing lyme disease infections. It does this by killing ticks before they can release the spirochete that causes lyme disease.

You may have heard that cats love to hunt but did you know you can help them practice at home? Try hiding food or treats in different places to make them 'hunt for food.' Another great idea is to buy (or make your own) puzzle games to challenge them to get their food or treats. Mental stimulation can make an anxious cat calm down and tire out. Plus it can be quite entertaining to watch your cat try and figure it out!

Besides Boston, polydactyl cats (those with excess toes on their feet!) are also common in Key West at Ernest Himmingways' house. If you ever go you'll also noticed all the feline residents have famous names.

If you want to help out in a different way, stay tuned we plan to have a doggy raffle soon with proceeds going to buy pet food for the Food Cupboard.
Did you know the West Chester Food Cupboard helps serve the local families in West Chester with not just healthy food but also household items they may not otherwise be able to afford? As a veterinary office we try to do our part by donating dog and cat food each month to help feed their pets. Want to help too? Just drop off dry or canned dog or cat food at our office or donate to our West Chester Food Cupboard Jar and you're monetary donation will go directly to buying dog and cat food. Call or stop by for more information
The Food Cupboard sends their thanks to all of our clients who continually help out with their pet food donations.