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Starting Wednesday August 7th our office will be having some design updates including a facelift to our waiting room and exam rooms. We will be open for regular hours during this time. We will be having painters and contractors around mostly during our closed hours but we apoligize for any inconvenience during the next two weeks. We will not be available for any medical boarders during this time due to the work going on.
We are very excited for the updates to be finished and hope it will make your appointment times with us much more pleasant. We also will have a brand new website being unveiled soon so keep an eye out for it!

Dr Collins and our staff would like to announce some new technology that we are now proud to offer, all to improve your pet’s care.

We know how nerve-racking it can be waiting for results when your pet isn’t feeling well and we don’t want you to have to wait either. We now offer in-house bloodwork to check your pet’s kidney and liver function as well as blood counts to look for anemia or infection. We’ll try and have results before you leave the office, no more waiting overnight.

While we have always been able to take radiographs at our hospital we now offer digital radiographs to get results faster and with less radiation exposure. Our system will also give us the opportunity to talk to board certified radiologists the same day to get an expert’s input. All the confidence of going to a specialist without the referral prices!

Have you ever been told your pet needs surgery and worry about your pet going under general anesthesia? Well we now offer the option of laser surgery which can be used for minor surgeries with only local anesthetic blocks needed. This type of surgery can be used for skin tag and ‘poodle warts’ (sebaceous adenomas) and excess gum tissue (gingival hyperplasia) or dental procedures. This advanced technology requires precision and expert use but don’t worry, our veterinarian has over 20 years of experience with laser surgery.And these surgeries often require no sutures and no collar! (We just don’t know whether you or your dog are more excited about that no cone of shame part).

If you are interested in any of these options give our staff a call for more information.

Please note that starting the week of June 10th we will be open Mondays from 8am to 7pm, (appointments from 9-2pm and 5-7pm) and will be closing at 5pm on Tuesdays (appointments 9-12pm, 2-5pm). This means we will still be having evening appointments twice a week but they will now be Mondays and Thursdays.

As of May 22nd, 2019 we would like to wish Dr. Barbara Hitchens a well deserved retirement. Dr Kelley Collins is the new owner of the East Goshen Veterinary Hospital, which is still privately owned. Dr Collins has also brought in a second veterinarian to continue to serve our clients and patients. Our staff remains the same, so don't worry, we still remember your furry family members and will help keep the transition as smooth as possible. There will be a few changes occurring within the practice but for now we will try and keep things as routine as they have been. We will be changing our evening appointments from Tuesdays and Thursdays to Mondays and Thursdays starting in June. If you have any questions feel free to give the office a call and stay tuned for any further informaiton.

Here's a great deal, from June 1st thru July 31st our instant rebates for Heartgard and Nexgard are sweeter than ever! Purchase 12 months of Heartgard and 6 months of Nexgard and get $50 off instantly. Get 12 months of Heartgard and 12 months of Nexgard and get $75 dollars of instantly! Ask our staff for details. And with both products having longer shelf lives now, if you want to get in on the deal a few months earlier that's ok. And don't forget, purchasing from us means your product is backed by the manufacturer should you ever have an issue, something online pharmacies can't offer.

The summer season has started and we know everyone is looking forward to some sun, fun, and maybe some sand! Our four legged friends are probably looking forward to some extra walks and outdoor playtime. If you’re looking for some fun places to try here are a few suggestions we have but if your pet has a fav place let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

If you have been a long time client here you may know that we have had a firm stance against grain-free foods. And several months ago we first posted about an FDA report about a possible link between grain-free foods and dilated cardiomyopathy, a rare heart condition. Well we are posting about it again because the FDA has released a second report looking at the progress of their research. Noticeably their references to several brands of grain-free food linked with the death of over 500 pets since 2018. Now we will note that the link itself has not been identified but the FDA, researchers, and veterinarians feel there is enough evidence to warrant concern.
The list refers only to the grain-free varieties of each brand. In particular these brands dry foods often contain peas, lentils, and potatoes as replacements for grains in the formulation.
The brands affected include:
Blue Buffalo, Merrick, Rachael Ray Nutrish, Nutro, Taste of the Wild, Natural Balance, Nature's Variety, California Natural, Earthborn Holistic, Orijen, Nature's Domain, Signature, Acana, Fromin, 4Health.
So why are so many brands offering grain-free options when the FDA and veterinarians are voicing concerns? Simply put, money speaks volumes. Many pet owners have been swayed by marketing campaigns that have latched on to the human trend of cutting out grains from the diet. The problem is that just because a change in your diet that may be good for you does not mean it correlates well to your pet. Think about this, some say chocolate is good for your heart, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s good for your dog’s heart (in fact chocolate can kill your dog because they can’t digest it like we can). Researchers have hypothesized that dogs have the same problem with grain-free foods. Dogs digest grains better than humans do, however, they may not digest peas and lentils as well. That means they may not get as much nutritional value from these foods than they would from grains.
So what if your dog is on these foods? Look for signs and symptoms including lethargy, collapsing, coughing, or difficulty breathing. If you feel your dog has these symptoms please call us and let us know. As for what to feed your dog, we recommend you look into brands that can show proof of studies done on their foods. Avoid being pulled in by marketing gimmicks or testimonials, these can be worded in a way to make them sound more remarkable than they truly may be. Remember the advice that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. If in doubt call our office and our staff would be glad to go over some options with you.

If you have a pool and your dog has poor eyesight there is a way you can help teach them how to get out of the pool should they fall in. Place a powerful smelling plant near the steps and spend some time teaching your dog that the plant is where the exit is. We don’t recommend leaving your pet alone near a pool, but having a back up plan is always smart. And a dog’s sense of smell is much better than ours!

Cats enjoy summer as well, the sun is out and so are the birds! Does you cat prefer chilling in the sun on a couch or chair or is a high perch near a window more their style? While we know your cat may enjoy some outdoor time it’s much safer inside the house for cats. Want some ideas to entertain? Use some cardboard boxes to make fun hiding places or forts for your cat, some cats just love to place in boxes. Hide some treats around the room and watch your cat find them, start easy and get harder to see how smart your feline is. If you have more fun ideas let us know so we can spread the ideas to everyone.

Did you know that a cat grooms themself up to 50% of the day? Grooming removes excess oils from their skin. It also makes them more prone to shivering after a bath, their coat is not very waterproof unlike a dog’s! If you do have to wash your cat, fill a bucket and use a cup to gently pour water over your cat rather than using running water.

Did you know the West Chester Food Cupboard helps serve the local families in West Chester with not just healthy food but also household items they may not otherwise be able to afford? As a veterinary office we try to do our part by donating dog and cat food each month to help feed their pets. Want to help too? Just drop off dry or canned dog or cat food at our office or donate to our West Chester Food Cupboard Jar and you're monetary donation will go directly to buying dog and cat food. Call or stop by for more information
The Food Cupboard sends their thanks to all of our clients who continually help out with their pet food donations.