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Happy New Year! Hear's wishing for some sunny days for lounging by the windows or heading out for a nice walk. If you're stuck on a new years resolution I bet your four legged friends have some ideas for you. Maybe an extra trip to the park once a week, or an extra cat massage every day? Whatever your pets enjoy I'm sure they'd love even 5 minutes extra of playtime or quiet time with their favorite people.

If you are thinking of getting a coat for your dog keep a few things in mind. Make sure your dog is comfortable with it on, if they're very stressed out when you put it on, take it slow. Put the coat on and give them a treat then take it off. As they get use to it add short trips out the door then back in and take it off. Some dogs may never be OK with a coat but most dogs will adjust to them. Also make sure your dog can move freely with the coat, avoid sleeves, hoods, or restrictive materials and anything too snug. You want your dog warm, not uncomfortable. And remember just because your cold doesn't mean your dog needs a coat, they do have a fur coat after all. Your furry husky may actually be enjoying the cold air with no added coat necessary.

It's a fact! It's not just the rich and famous who remember their pets in their wills, over a million people have admitted to adding their four legged family members to their will.

Cat scratch fever is caused by Bartonelle henselae, a bacteria that cats can pick up from fleas or cat fights. In many cats an infection can be subclinical, meaning they don't show symptoms, but if they scratch a human we can be infected too. Our symptoms often include swelling at the site, fever, aches, and lethargy. In some incidents we can be infected by a flea bite that has the bacteria. Another reason to use flea and tick preventative and keep your cats inside, lowering their risk to meet infected cats and fleas.

You may have heard that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck but did you know that in England and parts of Asia black cats are actually considered lucky?

Did you know the West Chester Food Cupboard helps serve the local families in West Chester with not just healthy food but also household items they may not otherwise be able to afford? As a veterinary office we try to do our part by donating dog and cat food each month to help feed their pets. Want to help too? Just drop off dry or canned dog or cat food at our office or donate to our West Chester Food Cupboard Jar and you're monetary donation will go directly to buying dog and cat food. Call or stop by for more information
The Food Cupboard sends their thanks to all of our clients who continually help out with their pet food donations.